yenibosna günlük kiralık daire

Daily Rental House

Not much more Prior to 1 year Prior to the day as a daily rental house, people regarded the people as an illegal accommodation sector. Tourists who had the opportunity to think about this idea were trying to create perceptions by holding on the agenda the ototels and some media organizations on the agenda. And all the sectors that became legal afterwards were formed by the demands of the people.

As a result, it is now legalized in the accommodation sector in the tourism sector such as hotels, motels, pensions, hotels, hostels etc. in the daily rental house accommodation sector.
It is an accommodation system in Turkey which is especially preferred by people who are uncomfortable with the hotel environment or who do not want to go to the hotel and who want to stay in the home environment. In fact, many of us have a holiday system that we all know in the summer months. When we are going to get a holiday, especially with a limited budget, we will be interested in our holiday rentals. Our daily rental apartments have been legalized and the companies that make this business as an institution since 22.02.2017 Now they are in the same room as the ototels, between 24.00 and 01.00 hours, and they are helping to supervise the people who can commit crimes against the law enforcement officers. This sector, which has been legally operating for years, has been adopted in Turkey in the past and has taken place in sectoral basis. We especially serve guests who are looking for a daily rental house near Ataturk Airport or who are looking for a new rental house in Yenibosna. You can feel at home in our facility and feel like your own home. You can be sure that we are trying to make the most of our guests’ satisfaction, which is preferred by local and foreign tourists, as we are close to Ataturk Airport.

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