Atatürk Airport Daily Rental House

Istanbul Atatürk Airport Daily Rental Apartment

Istanbul has Atatürk Airport, which provides about 60 million flights a year. For this reason, we are at your service with our Atatürk Airport Daily Rental Project, which is processed with the subject of the guests who want to rest in that time due to the short transfer planes.

The Atatürk Airport Daily Rental Apartment, which has been in operation for about 2 years, has been helping people to rest and happily travel by constantly hosting abroad and domestic guests.

As Anatolian people we are not accustomed to the hotel and other accommodation areas. House life comes to us better. For this reason, Ataturk Airport Daily Rental offers you this service.

Let's say your transfer plane has an 8 hour period. If you are looking for us immediately we send you a location and we will assist you with the directions and bring you to our Atatürk Airport Daily Rental Apartment facility. We then escort you to a full-fledged apartment with a nice welcome and stylishly designed complimentary equipment to meet your many needs.

Later on taking care of eating and drinking, Atatürk Airport Daily Rental Apartments will be able to order from anywhere in Istanbul and you will be able to meet the needs of many meat restaurants and vegetarian restaurants around you without ever getting tired.

You can also meet your needs at any time with our food and beverage service which is open 24/7.

Ataturk Airport Daily Rental Apartment today with a mission to have a very future you want to have guests.

The apartment has furnishings as well as beds with the style you want. It has its own shower cabin and washbasin. Led TV satellite broadcasting also has tools and equipment to meet all kinds of needs from work desk and tooth brush set to shoe polish.

Just call the Ataturk Airport Daily Rental Apartments and book your own apartment and have a happy stay.

Thank you ,
Atatürk Airport Daily Rental House

Istanbul Atatürk Airport Daily Rental Apartment Needs Quality, reliable and clean service

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